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Framework for Project Implementation

Mongolia's long-term development strategy, "Vision 2050," aims to transform Ulaanbaatar city into a globally competitive metropolis characterized by a robust settlement infrastructure, optimal spatial planning, enhanced access to housing for local families, ecosystem equilibrium, and the establishment of green spaces with minimal greenhouse gas emissions. Aligned with the objectives of fostering healthy, secure, and technologically advanced living environments, the Project Implementation Unit of the Capital City Governor's Office, supported by funding from the Asian Development Bank and the Green Climate Fund, is spearheading the ULAANBAATAR GREEN AFFORDABLE HOUSING AND RESILIENT URBAN RENEWAL SECTOR PROJECT (AHURP) in Ulaanbaatar city.

Expected Outcomes


The project endeavors to realize the following key outcomes through its implementation:

  1. Development of social infrastructure facilities and residential complexes within the ger area.
  2. Provision of long-term financial backing to investors for constructing housing units featuring low greenhouse gas emissions, resilience to climate change, and affordability, alongside augmenting the availability of loans for households eligible for green financing.
  3. Implementation of sectoral policy reforms and capacity-building initiatives.


Project Features and Significance

The project entails meticulous design specifications, encompassing a comprehensive analysis of green building materials, compliance with 37 types of green building performance indicators (KPIs), and adherence to EDGE (Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiencies) standards—an internationally recognized green building evaluation system—across all phases of construction and design.

Incorporated within this framework are the imperatives of eco-district and sustainable building practices, signifying a pivotal shift towards:

The construction and policy of the project will make the following contribution to the society, environment and economy of the new Ulaanbaatar city.

  • Introducing renewable energy solutions and fostering eco-friendly districts characterized by energy-efficient housing, thereby mitigating air, soil, and environmental pollution, as well as reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Expanding the inventory of rental housing options, facilitating housing access for low- and middle-income community, and catalyzing economic activity through land utilization.
  • Enhancing population density per hectare while concurrently augmenting the provision of green amenities per capita.
  • Cultivating a skilled workforce from the local populace, bolstering the capabilities of small and medium-sized enterprises, and engendering avenues for sustainable income generation.
  • Mitigating urban congestion and fostering economic diversification by establishing social amenities and housing facilities in peripheral areas.
  • Establishing a sustainable financing mechanism for green housing initiatives in Mongolia.
  • Realizing manifold environmental, social, and economic benefits, including the promotion of gender-sensitive and inclusive urban planning practices, and the attenuation of gender biases within the construction sector.


The housing project will be carried out in five phases to deliver eco-district for 10,000 housing units in an of 100-hectare area in the sub-centers of Ulaanbaatar. Each phase of the project will be implemented in the following manners.

PHASE I (2022-2024)

10ha, 2 eco-districts

Social and rent owned housing - 150
Affordable housing - 550
Market trade housing - 300

Total: 1000 housing units

PHASE II, III (2023-2025)

40ha, 8 eco-districts

Social and rent owned housing - 600
Affordable housing - 2200
Market trade housing - 1200

Total: 4000 housing units

PHASE IV, V(2024-2027)

50ha, 10 eco-districts

Social and rent owned housing - 750
Affordable housing - 2750
Market trade housing - 1500

Total: 5000 housing units

Project implementation unit

(Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Construction and Urban Development, Ministry of Environment and Tourism, Capital City Governor's Office, Development Bank of Mongolia)

Municipality of Ulaanbaatar
The Capital City Housing Corporation
Project Management Office

1. Project Implementation and Management Support

On June 25, 2020, Irish "AARC" and Finnish "FCS" partnership

2. Eco-neighborhood feasibility study, work plan and policy reform support

On July 25, 2020, South Korea's "Sunjin & Soosung Architecture & Engineering" partnership

Development Bank of Mongolia
DBM Asset Management LLC
Green housing fund

3. Support for sustainable green finance

11.04.2020, "Castalia Limited" of New Zealand and "IPE Global Limited" of the Republic of India partnership