Улаанбаатар хотын орлогод нийцсэн ногоон орон сууц ба дасан зохицох чадвар бүхий хотын шинэчлэл салбарын төсөл


      Income-adjusted housing implies that the cost of accommodation does not surpass the financial capacity of the household. Internationally, affordable housing is determined by ensuring that housing costs do not exceed 30 percent of the monthly income of the target community. However, it's crucial to recognize that affordability is relative; what is affordable for high-income households may not be feasible for low-income ones. Thus, it's essential to develop housing options tailored to the income and genuine needs of the target group.    

In Mongolia, the strategy for affordable housing was formulated by experts in the sector through the "Ulaanbaatar City’s Affordable Housing Strategy" document in 2014. The primary strategic directions outlined to facilitate the provision of affordable housing for target households include:

  1. Increasing the supply of affordable housing with government support.
  2. Establishing a sustainable housing financing mechanism aligned with the residents' ability to pay.
  3. Developing the organizational structure and legal framework for institutions responsible for housing matters at the city level.

    A green housing encompasses features such as reduced heat and energy consumption, lower greenhouse gas emissions, water conservation measures, and a 20 percent decrease in overall building energy consumption. 

     internationally, there are numerous exemplary models of green affordable housing. One such notable example is Morrisania Homes in the Bronx, New York, USA, constructed in 2007. Recognized as one of the pioneering green and affordable housing developments, Morrisania Homes offers a mixed-use environment catering to low-income and middle-income residents. 

        In alignment with global best practices, the "Ulaanbaatar green affordable housing and resilient urban renewal project" is a vital initiative designed to address the long-term financial stability of its target population. This project is characterized by its energy efficiency, incorporation of advanced engineering solutions, and creation of a conducive living environment for citizens. Notably, it is resilient to the impacts of climate change and minimizes waste generation.